The Cricket AV18 kit is supplied with everything that you will need.
From 1st January 2018, the alloy spoked Grimeca 8" alloy wheels are included as standard.
You will need to purchase a Rotax 582 engine and gearbox, a E-Props propeller and a Wunderlich pre-
rotator, and a Gyrotech rotor and instruments and harness etc.
Your inspector can help you with ordering all of the components not included in the kit.
There is a complete engine/gearbox package available for the AV18, from Eccleston Aviation.
The same with the rotor, just tell Gyrotech that it is the AV18 package that you require.
Same with Wunderlich for the pre-spin, just tell them that it is for an AV18, simple!
Engine and flight instruments can be purchased new or used, its your choice.

Your LAA inspector will be help you at each stage of the build.

Payment is in two stages.

£2500 deposit required, on start of production of your kit, balance on completion of your kit

(There will be an "at cost" delivery charge of around £150 delivered to the UK)

The time from placing your order to delivery will be six weeks
Although your airframe kit can, if you wish, arrive upon payment of your deposit , to help you in setting up
your work area to get the project started with your chosen LAA. inspector.
This will incur an extra delivery charge.

If you can assemble a piece of flat-pack furniture you can assemble your Cricket AV18 kit, factory
support and your LAA inspector will only be a phone call away, but if you decide that you want the hands
on help of an experienced autogyro technician, then we can put you in touch with the right person. 

The Future Is Upgradable!
The Cricket AV18 has been designed in modular way to be able to easily be modified to accept new
upgrades that may be introduced in the future. Upgrades will be retro-fittable as a mod.  So you will
never be stuck with last years model!