The design is to Section T standard and has been passed for flight training in the UK by the CAA.

The thinking behind Cricket MK6, AV18, 2018 - How it all came about.
A conversation in 2016 between Mike Concannon and Peter Lovegrove, the designer of the AV18, led to the
AV18 being sparked back into life again after having been out of production for 8 years.
Peter did not want his design to end up in a museum, after all it was considered to be, by the most respected
names in British flight instruction, the best and easiest to fly single seat design gyro to date.
Mikes engineering side of his personality wanted to make afew changes to make the AV18 more durable and
tough in the field. The Cub of the Gyro world!
His pilot side wanted it to be the easiest most stable single place gyro to fly.
"The most important part of any gyro is the rotor, the best available (whilst not the cheapest) is the only thing
that I would fly under, so it's the same for my customers", the AV18 family of gyro pilots!
Another important design change that Mike wanted to make was that, you should be able to step out of your
two seat trainer and into the Cricket AV18 and find all of the controls in the same locations.
The AV18 should be like a smaller version of the two seat trainer, in particular, the Magni M16 trainer.
So you can see, there were afew design changes to be made, design changes and approvals take time,
everything in aviation takes time!  Now it's 2018!

Mike Concannon

AV18 Ltd. was formed by Mike Concannon in 2017. Mike is an ex-Brummie, now living in Ireland.
Mike isn't just an engineer, he very much a "hands on" pilot and is passionate about his gyro flying.

After completing his education he worked for Autospeed in Birmingham involved in race, rally and
performance car and motorcycle tuning and then on to Kawasaki in the late 1970s

After gaining 300 hours on weightshift microlights in the 80s and early 90s he switched to flying gyros.

Mike has hundreds of hours flying gyros and has owned/flown many two seat and single seat types
including early Air Commands, Campbell Crickets, Magni M18, Magni M16, M24, MT 03, ELA 07 etc.

These days he flies a two seat Magni M22 and has a single seat Cricket that he built in 1996.
Mike is a holds a practical qualification as a  mechanical engineer/technician and is also qualified in
mechanical engineering theory.

.Mike is also a senior inspector for autogyros in Ireland, with The Irish Light Aviation Society.

The Cricket AV18 is, the true freedom of flight, the way gyro flight was meant to be.

The AV18 was the final and ultimate design in a long line of safe, forgiving and easy to handle autogyros,
building on the 40 year+ safety record of the Campbell Cricket, designed by Peter Lovegrove.
The AV18 is built on the proven design geometry of the original Campbel Cricket, brought right up to date with
introduction of even more safety features, as recommended by the CAA research project, in conjunction with
Glasgow University, on pitch stability, centerline thrust and the use of horizontal stabilizers.

The old classic AV18s, built around 2010, are very different to the new 2018 AV18.
The AV18 is built entirely from aviation grade 6082 T6 aluminium alloy, using only (AN) aviation grade fastners
A new rotor-head, using 7075 "space shuttle" grade alloy, utilising needle roller bearings in pitch and roll,
bringing the 2018 rotor-head to a new level of safety and durability.
A major and essential improvement, the "Gyrortech" carbon fibre rotor has replaced the antique Rotordynes.
A stylish seat with greatly improved shock protection.
Re-designed nosewheel steering assembly.
Effective stronger mainwheel suspension.
Methanol/ethanol proof fuel tank.
True aviation construction alloys throughout.
And much more to make the AV18 the best built single place autogyro available today.

Something to bear in mind.
Another advantage of the AV18 design that we hope that you will never have to call on, is the fact that the
modular non welded construction means that, should you damage any part of your gyro, you will only have to
replace the parts thet you have bent, not the complete airframe.
And as you will be part of the AV18 family, the prices you will pay for replacement parts in unfortunate
circumstances, will be very favourable. When you are part of the AV18 family, We care about your flying.