AV18 Autogyros offers a permit inspection service for ILAS accepted type autogyros.

As an ILAS member you, the owner are the primary maintainer and as such you are responsible for your aircraft being kept in an airworthy condition, the factory maintenance schedules being carried out and all paperwork and service bulletins being kept up to date and actioned.

If you are not a confident hands on mechanical person, you can appoint someone to do this work for you, they must be an ILAS member and be accepted by your inspector as competent to carry out this work.
Ultimately, you will still be responsible to ensure that the maintenance schedules are being carried out and for actioning any service bulletins issued by the aircraft factory or other bodies, and for keeping your engine/airframe logbooks etc. up to date.

The inspection that your inspector will carry out each year at the time of your permit renewal is not a substitute for constant, on-going inspections by yourself, and also for you, as the primary maintainer, carrying out an annual inspection as described in your aircraft maintenance manual. Also, the attitude of "I've had it inspected and its permit has been issued, so it's OK for another year" is wrong, even an NCT centre inspecting a car will put you right on this approach.

Being in the habit of meticulously cleaning your aircraft, thoroughly and often, upside down and inside out, will help you to notice components in need of attention.

It is a good idea for you, as an ILAS member, to read the ILAS manual to find out exactly what your responsibility is as an aircraft owner operating on an ILAS permit to fly.
There was a time when all ILAS aircraft were homebuilt or vintage, the aircraft owners were very much hands on maintainers and would not want things any other way, with the introduction of factory built machines into ILAS this attitude may not yet be instilled in the aircraft owners approach.

AV18 Ltd. Prices for work relating to annual permit

Travel = €0.58 per km,round trip.

Single place homebuilt autogyro = donation/you decide!
All machines value up to €40,000 =
€30 per hour
Factory built machines value €40,000 to €100,000 = €51 per hour
Factory built machines, value over €100,000 = €60 per hour
For initial permits the use of the calibrated weighing scales is €50

Gyro prices calculated on, new price of aircraft including VAT and level of trim/accessories
My local airfield is Craughwell, Co. Galway,you are welcome to have your inspection carried out there.
A test/check pilot may have to carry out your check flight if you do not hold a gyro licence or have insufficient flying hours.
All permit work is carried out by AV18 Autogyros Ltd. The current liquidity/value of the company is usually around 2,000 euros.

Before calling your inspector out, be sure that all log books are completed and up to date and that the full list of service bulletins issued by the engine manufacturer and by the aircraft manufacturer are noted in your engine and airframe log books, and that the service bulletins relevant to your aircraft have been carried out.
Rotax owners .com will give you a list of service bulletins issued by Rotax, that are relivant to your engine only, (worth the membership fee)
All engine and aircraft maintainance points have been carried out as per engine and aircraft maintenance manuals, and are entered in logbooks.
Are all entries in log books that require dual signatures, complete
Flight manual, radio licence, last permit, logbooks, are carried on aircraft.
That your insurance is current and mentions ILAS on the policy document.
Fireproof Reg. plate is in place.
Fuel is sufficient and not over a month old, for check flight.
Radio/ transponder station licence is present.
Original validity cert. registration certificate, for registration of aircraft.
The photocopies that you took of last years completed permit workpack, before it was posted.
Permit validation cert (the 1st issue of a 3 year permit cert.)
Switches, instruments, levers, etc. labeled
Cockpit plackards (as in LAA. TADS)
Oil fuel and all outside cockpit plackards are present (as in LAA. TADS)
Coloured speed bands, maximums/minimums etc. present on instruments
Your engine and aircraft maintenance manuals are the latest issue, check with factory.
Pre-flight check list present.
Propeller cerial numbers are available, in manufacturers supplied paperwork or logbook.
Compas calibration card dated and in place
If compas calibration is required, new aircraft or after fitting of new equipment or after a
       re-build, let your inspector know this before his visit.

For Inspectors. valid torque spanner calibration cert, compression tester, scales & calib cert. compass swing equipment, hang-check equipment, means of copying logbooks etc. signatures for duplicate inspections in logbooks,